Booking Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing KidsFusion. By making payment and securing your party, you agree to all KidsFusion Terms and Conditions below. Please take a moment to read to our party terms and conditions. 


  • We cannot reserve any party without deposit payment. Parties must be booked with a minimum of 40% party deposit AND a refundable damage waiver fee. 
  • If final/full payment is not made at minimum 10 days before party date we reserve the right to cancel your party. 
  • Premises and children are party parents responsibility. The person who agrees the party and/or makes payment will be the responsible person for any discrepancy. 
  • All parties have a 15-minute grace period before AND after party booking time. Please ensure you book suitable party time. 
  • No pets are allowed onsite (guide dogs are excluded) 
  • No food or drink in our soft play area. If food or drink is found on the soft play apparatus, we reserve the right to cancel your party or retain your damage waiver deposit. 
  • Nobody is allowed in the no-go areas which include but are not limited to behind partitions, behind any soft play, or into areas not under your booking 
  • Timing is responsibility of party parents. If you are late to arrive we cannot extend time on the party day unless agreed otherwise with us. 
  • All bookers must ensure toilets are left how found – even if you have a clean up booked! 
  • If you do not have a clean up booked floors must be swept and rubbish in bags at front of premises 
  • Parents must not attach anything to the walls in KidsFusion or fix any items to walls as they may cause damage 
  • We do not allow external entertainers onsite – this includes any face/body artists/painters and other paid entertainers. 
  • Breaches of damage waiver include: late finish, leaving an unclean venue, anti social behaviour(fighting, extreme abuse), damaging KidsFusion property. Breaking such rules will result in loss of damage waiver.


Payment Policy

Payment for your Party Package is due in the following installments:

1.     Party Deposit of 50% of Party Price must be submitted to us to secure your booking slot

2.   Remaining 50% Party payment must be made payable 14 days before your scheduled party date alongside a £100 damage waiver which is refundable after your party.

3.   We cannot, under any circumstances, proceed with your Party Package without receiving your Party Deposit, Damage Waiver and remaining Party Price payment. You will become liable to any Party variation which requires any additional sum payable will be payable by you in full when we agree to that variation, or as otherwise agreed by us in writing:

·     A deposit protects your booking slot up until full payment or 14 days before party date.

·     Bookings made with 14 days notice will require payment in full. 


You will be provided with a Party Itinerary, which will act as an Invoice following your Free Consultation. 


Final Payment / Cancellation Policy

      Clients have 5 days to get a refund on money after the first payment has been made. After this, payment is non refundable. 

      All Parties are not confirmed until final payment has been received. 

      Cancelling your party less than 30 days before your party date (without rescheduling) would mean your deposit becomes non-refundable. However your damage waiver will be refunded.

      If you want to reschedule your booking, we will require at least 14 days notice. Rescheduled parties will always be subject to availability.

      We reserve the right to a £50 admin charge for rescheduled parties.

      In the event of a Natural disaster or extreme circumstance which does not permit your party to go ahead, Kidsfusion will reschedule your party.


Use of Equipment and Facilities / Party Room Policy

   Prent /Person making  will be liable for any damage caused on equipment, including toys, games, electronic devices, fixtures and fittings and designs on the wall. Party attendees must not, under any circumstances, write on the walls, soil equipment or damage equipment including games and toys.

      If any damage to any of the above mentioned is noted after the party your damage waiver deposit will not be returned.

      Toilets remain the responsibility of parents. The cleanliness of toilets must be maintained or damage waiver can be lost.



Party Parent Policy

      Party parents must maintain the state of the room immediately after the party. Failure to do so can lead to a loss of deposit. 

      It is party parents responsibility to inform guests of arrival time, behaviour rules and expectation.

      Any anti social behaviour by adults or extreme behaviour by children deemed as fighting or excessive rudeness will result in the party being immediately terminated and a loss of party payment and damage waiver. 

      We are happy for you to supply your own food.